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Here you will find the original music, videos, scripts and books by actor/musician/writer/producer/director
Marlene Sosebee

Watch Marlene's interview on L A Talk Live Feb 18, 2014





Short Film LONELY is all pre-produced and ready to shoot

Boudica Productions is a Los Angeles based company

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Marlene is represented by:

Los Angeles based classic rock band :
lucid Crew


Marlene is a twelve year vegan and believes if you want to save the planet and yourself it is the way to go.

Vegan Outreach
Vegan Essentials

Listen to VEGCAST 113 with Marlene Sosebee's song 'Vegan Life'

Save the World Political Platform (a platform for global consideration)
A political platform based on three simple facts.
1. Reduce population
2. Promote green energy
3. Promote vegetarianism

  1. Reduce population : Anyone eighteen or older receives two thousand dollars annually from the government for having no children. If they have one child the subsidy goes down to one thousand dollars, two children five hundred and more that two children zero dollars. Birth control and abortion free and legal everywhere. The population explosion is unsustainable. Money for this would come from taxing the rich and reducing military spending.
  2. Promote green energy : This is already being done with tax breaks but our efforts need to be doubled in tax breaks and government subsidies for businesses and residents everywhere. Reducing fossil fuels will stop climate change and stop extinction. Money for this would also come from taxing the rich and reducing military spending.
  3. Promote vegetarianism : Using monies now spent on food stamps, all organic fruits, nuts, veggies and grains would be subsidized by the government all the way through distribution and retail so that they would be free to all consumers. Place a one dollar death tax on every slaughtered foul and ten dollars on every slaughtered mammal. This would reduce the consumption of animal product, reduce medical costs and reduce energy consumption. Most cancers are caused by animal consumption and if everyone was vegan our energy consumption would be cut by one third.

For millions of years humans lived in harmony with nature in a sustainable environment that was balanced and sensible. Ten thousand years ago humans discovered agriculture and this allowed the population to grow to seven billion and will eventually become unsustainable and crumble. It is too late to go back to the life style of our pre-agriculture ancestors but with control and common sense we can create a sustainable society and save the world as well as the human race from extinction.


Boudica Merchandise

Original art of Boudica

In 61 A.D. BOUDICA (AKA Boadicea, Bunduica, Voadicia, Bonducca, Boudicca or Boudicea) led Britain in a revolt against the Roman Empire. She refused to live in an unnatural world dominated by such criminals.

"Boudicca" is the form given by Tacitus and is the only contemporary rendering of the name. On philological evidence, however, the spelling probably should be "Boudica"; a variation of "victory" in Celtic and the equivalent of the modern "Victoria". In any event, "Boadicea" is incorrect. (Encyclopedia Romana)