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Log line:
After meeting a mysterious lady in the park, a woman has an accident while leaving and is transported back eighty years to witness her own murder, over and over.

Linda Wells is visiting her favorite park when she meets a very strange woman who tells her about the eighty year old murder that occurred in the, now deserted, old mansion. The mysterious woman in black disappears and Linda frantically leaves the park crashing into a tree. When she comes to, it is dark and she is trapped inside the park.
With no place else to go, Linda enters the now unlocked back door of the old mansion and is suddenly transformed into Elizabeth, who was murdered in the mansion eighty years ago. She now meets her husband, Robert, his gay lover, Thomas and Lisa who is Elizabeth 's maid and lover.
Linda (as Elizabeth) discovers that Elizabeth's witchcraft has brought her back in time to save her from Thomas and Robert, who plan to kill her.
In a continuous effort to get it right, Linda is murdered and comes to, back at the auto accident scene, and then re-enters the mansion.

Log line:
Forced into a competency hearing that threatens her estate, eighty year old Glenda Johns remembers her life and the supernatural connection that she shared with her twin sister.

As her troubled life is recalled with the help of a psychiatrist, eighty year old Glenda Johns realizes that she is near the end of her life and facing the legal wrath of her wicked cousin. Growing up in the 30's and 40's was very demanding for the Johns family and losing her twin sister at a very young age only made life more difficult. The Second World War added to all of Glenda's suffering but through it all she always tried to make sense of her life. Glenda shared a unique closeness with her twin and they communicated even after her sister's untimely death. Through her dreams and thoughts, Glenda is reminded of how things could have been if her sister were still alive.
Wanting to leave her inheritance to the local Native American Indians, Glenda tries to find a way out of her legal predicament and unravel the mystery of Flanders ' Quarry, a place that is sacred and magical to the local Natives.