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TEN Feature Length Screenplays and NINE Shorts by: Marlene Sosebee

All screenplays written by: Marlene Sosebee / Copyright and registered with the WGA


Body Theft
Possible Locations
Genre - Sci-Fi/FBI Drama
Length - Feature

Log line: FBI infiltrate underground kidnapping ring stealing bodies for brain transplants.

Synopsis - Dr. Alicia Green and her assistant Dr. Benjamin Hardy are instant celebrities as a Medical breakthrough in human brain transplant occurs under their supervision at a prestigious medical center in Southern California.
Dr. Benjamin Hardy steals the software and hardware establishing an underground market targeting Katrina victims.
An old Billionaire, Byron Resnik approaches Dr. Benjamin Hardy looking for a new body. They find a suitable Katrina victim that has no family and is a perfect match.
The victim, Native American Sean Jefferson is tricked into surgery by Dr. Benjamin Hardy thinking he is giving the billionaire a bone marrow transplant for a large sum of money. The Billionaire has the brain transplant and transfers all his money to the now dead victims account and unknowingly becomes an accomplice to murder.
FBI Agent’s Connie Chin and Robert Conley infiltrate Dr. Benjamin Hardy’s corrupt operations.

Main Characters - Sean Jefferson, Sandella Thompson, Dr. Alicia Green, Dr. Benjamin Hardy, Agent Robert Conley, Agent Connie Chin, Byron Resnik, Dr. William Velazquez, Paul Riggs, Agent Parsons, Charlene, Rita, Diana

Locations - University, FBI Headquarters, New Orleans Bar, New Orleans Warehouse, New Orleans Clinic, New Orleans Shanty, New Orleans Shack, New Orleans Swamp, Hospital, Police Station

.Era - Present Day

Special costuming/makeup- Blood and Gore

Budget - Low



The Vegan Verdict
Possible Locations
Genre - Comedy/Drama
Length - Feature

Log line: In the near future, small town Americans try to deal with vegan laws that outlaw the eating of any animal products.

Synopsis - More than fifty percent of the US population is vegan. Eating mammals such as cows and pigs has been outlawed for two years. Millions of dollars in taxes have been added to fish and fowl slaughtering as well as dairy production to subsidize soy and other meat substitute products.
Global warming, world hunger and health concerns are all being answered positively with these new anti-carnivorous laws.

Now the US Supreme Court is about to hand down it’s verdict on the ‘vegan law’ that will outlaw the consumption of all animal products including fish, fowl and dairy products.
A small town vegan Sheriff tries to deal with the life style adjustments as her friends and family stock up on animal products and purchase meat on the black market.
All hell breaks loose in this small town when the vegan verdict is handed down by the Supreme Court.

Main Characters - Officer Cindy Polosky, Ken Polosky, Vicky Thompson, Rod Thompson, Phil Turner, Amy Thompson, Jim Thompson, Penny Polosky, Mary Polosky, Joe Pine, Terry Pine, Tony, Paula, Mayor Kathy Perkins, Jessica, Deputy Sam Larson, Sean Polosky 

Locations - Small American town, Vicky's house, Ken's house, Lake, Turkey farm, Town Hall, Lenny's Market, Restaurant, Hospital, Main Street.

Era - Very near future.

Special costuming/makeup- None

Budget - Low



World Below
Possible Locations
Genre - Suspense/Horror
Length - Feature

Log line: Five college kids gather for a night of fun on the LA night club scene when they are kidnapped by a deviant underground sub-culture.

Synopsis - Leaving a night club, five college kids receive a strange flyer and reluctantly decide to check out an unknown underground club in a dark desolate area of town. Little do they know their lives are about to change forever as they encounter a deviant sub-culture of cannibals about to capture and enslave the group taking them to their dark world below the city streets.

Main Characters - Chelsea, Donald, Rico, Weeda, Brenda, Brook, Tanya, Melinda, Carl, Bargas, Nitta, Valko.  

Locations - World Below Night Club, Los Angeles River, Hollywood club, Melinda's House, Donald's house, Police station, College Dorm, Beach, Santa Monica Pier, 6th Street Bridge.

Era - Present day

Special costuming/makeup- Blood and Gore

Props - Cannibal cooking equipment

Budget - Low

Genre - Suspense/Murder Mystery
Length - Feature

Log line - Geoengineering and over vaccinations cause murder and mayhem at country estate.

Synopsis - As the Eller Estate takes on a new nurse and her boyfriend house painter, people start disappearing. The suspicious town Sheriff seeks out a search warrant and warns the new inhabitants to leave. It is slowly revealed to all that seventy-year-old Mrs. Eller has kept a dark secret hidden away in her basement for almost forty years.

Attempting to escape danger the new occupants of the Eller Estate try to find recently missing friends while pleading for the Sheriff's help.

Main Characters - Paula, Gill, Mrs. Eller, Tommy Eller, Sheriff Myers, Jimmy, Brenda, Carl, Don, Kelly, Mail Man.  

Locations - Eller Estate, Small American town, Sheriff station, Arcade

Era - Present day

Special costuming/makeup- Blood and Gore

Props - Big hammer

Budget - Very low-low




Possible Locations
Genre - Action
Length - Feature

Logline - Four bikers try to retrieve a stolen treasure near a small desert town while being pursued by the law.

Synopsis- A beautiful Native American Sashena, her brother and two friends ride their Harley's to a small desert town restaurant in search of a mechanic to repair the girl's bike. The three men leave Sashena to her repairs and go out on their bikes to retrieve a stolen buried treasure in the mountains. Sashena discovers that the small town restaurant owner plans to go after her brother and take the money.

Sashena befriends the cook and his sister the waitress asking them to help her warn her brother. The three go to rescue Sashena's brother only to be followed by the town's corrupt Sheriff and his deputy who suspect the four bikers are wanted for a casino robbery one year earlier.

Main Characters Include-  Sashena, Grimes, Scooter, Halis, Kyle, Lisa, Jake, Sheriff Jones, Deputy Long, Homer, Donna, Cutter, Banes, Rock, Snake, Tom Roth, Ralphie, Grandfather, Rob, Sam, Tina, Lana, Hal, Janis, Myrna.

     Present day
Locations -
     Small south west desert town, restaurant, sheriff's office, biker bar, casino, desert cave, desert road and highway.  

Special costuming/make-up -
     Biker leathers, Cop uniforms, blood and gore.  

Props and special needs -
SFX and Stunts -
     Squibs and stunt drivers.  

Budget -



Genre - Futuristic Sci-Fi
Length - Feature

Possible Locations
ogline - Ten years from now the Internet takes control. Every form of business transaction and communication is in its grasp. Two women discover the secret of the "BRAIN" that now attempts to save the Earth from corporate greed.

Synopsis - It is ten years from now and the Internet has grown to overtake all mediums. Movies, telephone, television and business communications are all done in three dimensional hologram theater displays. The technology of fiber optics are now supported or replaced by satellite microwaves and radio waves that begin to organize into an entity of its own, acknowledging itself as Mother Earths' consciousness.

Two women find that their work is being manipulated by the Internet center control, which has come to be known as the "Biological Reactor and Interceptor Network," or "BRAIN".  This self-created intelligence is now beginning to control how humans live and do business. Anything that is harmful to life on planet Earth is being eliminated. Any company that pollutes or cheats the environment is being closed down. In a panic, corporate America uses the military to stop this control. 

The women realize the importance of this "BRAIN" and vow to protect it. It becomes their goddess and their only hope to save their world from corporate greed. The "BRAIN" instructs these women how to stop the corporate executives from using the military to kill its intelligence.

Era - Ten years from now.

Main Characters - Diane, Jessica, Tina, Colonel Sam Collins, Captain Rita Sims, President Amy Johnson, Paul Ritter, John Parks, General Phillips, Advisor Tom Dodd

Locations - Washington DC ten years from now, White House, Pentagon. Corporate offices, Conference room, Military bunker, Medical center, Night Club, Apartment, House, Montana ranch, Satellites in space.
Special costuming/makeup - Futuristic military uniforms and clothing- ten years from now. Blood and gore.

Props and special needs - Weapons, Tanks, Jeeps. Squibs, Explosion.

SFX - Sound screen or blue screen
Some holographic effects.

Budget -

Possible Locations
Genre - Supernatural Murder Mystery
Length- Feature

Logline- After meeting a mysterious woman in the park, Linda has an accident while leaving and is transported back 80 years to witness her own murder, over and over.

Synopsis- Linda Wells is visiting her favorite park when she meets a very strange woman who tells her about the eighty year old murder that occurred in the, now deserted, old mansion. The mysterious woman in black disappears and Linda frantically leaves the park crashing into a tree. When she comes to, it is dark and she is trapped inside the park.

With no place else to go, Linda enters the now unlocked back door of the old mansion and is suddenly transformed into Elizabeth, who was murdered in the mansion eighty years ago. She now meets her husband, Robert, his gay lover, Thomas and Lisa who is Elizabeth's maid and lover. Linda (as Elizabeth) discovers that Elizabeth's witchcraft has brought her back in time to save her from Thomas and Robert, who plan to kill her.

In a continuous effort to get it right, Linda is murdered and comes to, back at the auto accident scene, and then re-enters the mansion.

Main Characters - Linda (20's), the witch Elizabeth, Linda as Elizabeth, Lisa, Robert, Thomas, Florence, and James.  

Eras -
     1920's, present day
Locations -
     1920's Mansion and large grounds.
Special costuming/makeup-
     Era clothing, maid and chauffeur uniforms, tuxedos, formal gowns, blood and gore.
Props and special needs-
     1920's house, furniture, Rolls Royce, hand gun with squib. Crashed present day car.
     CGI swirling witch
     Very low-medium



Possible Locations
Genre - Suspense
Length- Feature

Logline- - Forced into a competency hearing that threatens her estate, eighty year old Glenda Johns remembers her life and the supernatural connection that she shared with her twin sister.

Synopsis- As her troubled life is recalled with the help of her psychiatrist, eighty year old Glenda Johns realizes that she is near the end of her life and facing the legal wrath of her wicked cousin.

Growing up in the 30's and 40's was very demanding for the Johns family and losing her twin sister at a very young age only made life more difficult. The Second World War added to all of Glenda's suffering but through it all she tried to make sense of her life. Glenda shared a unique closeness with her twin and they communicated even after her sister's untimely death. Through her dreams and thoughts, Glenda is reminded of how things could have been if her sister were still alive.

Wanting to leave her inheritance to the local Native American Indians, Glenda tries to find a way out of her legal predicament and unravel the mystery of Flanders' Quarry, a place that remains sacred to the local Natives.

Main Characters - Glenda Johns at eight, eighteen, and eighty, her eight year old twin sister Sara Johns, Father and mother William and Flora Johns, wicked cousin Sheryl, Native Americans Tammy Little river, Paul running Bull, and Jonathan Big River.  

     Small American town-1930's, 1940's, and present day
     Native American Village- 1930's
     Glenda's house- 1930's, 1940's, and present day
     School- 1930's, 1940's
     Quarry with lake
     Present day courthouse
     Psychiatrist office
     Lawyer office
     1930's, 1940's, present day
Special costuming/makeup-
     Era clothing
     Era cars, town, house, furniture


Genre - Historical Drama, based on true story
Length- Feature

Logline- - Based on true story of Nancy Ward 1738-1822. At the 1755 Battle of Taliwa, Nancy Ward picks up her husband's musket, after he has been shot and killed and leads the Cherokee into victory over the Creek Indians. For her courage, she is made Ghighuaa, of the Cherokee.

Synopsis- Nancy Ward lived in the time when her homeland of Chota, the Cherokee capitol, was threatened by not only the invasion of the white man but also the Creek Indians. This beautiful part of the Appalachian Mountains was plentiful in game and the ground was perfect for their crops. The Cherokee relied on hunting for their meat because they did not have domesticated live stock as did the white man. Nancy watched as her home lands grew smaller and smaller with the advancement of the white man.

Nancy's husband, Kingfisher, was shot and killed in a battle with the Creek Indians. She picked up her dead husband's musket and led the Cherokee to victory. Because of this, she was honored with the highest ranking any Cherokee woman could attain, Ghighuaa.

Nancy's life stood for peace but she always warned her people of many bad things to come. She became the first woman to ever talk at a peace treaty with the white man. Her words helped her people retain some of their lands. She spoke:

"You know that women are always looked upon as nothing, but we are your mothers, you are our sons, our cry is all for peace, let it continue. This peace must last forever. Let your women's sons be ours, our sons be yours, let your women hear our words."

Shortly after her death, President Jackson ordered the Cherokee to move to Oklahoma on the famous deadly "Trail of Tears".

Main Characters - Nancy Ward- at eight years old, teenager, adult, and old woman, father and mother Francis Ward and Tame Doe, Nancy's husband Kingfisher, Chief Attakullacca, Nancy's second husband Bryant Ward, and cousin Dragging Canoe.  

Locations -
     Cherokee Capitol of Chota in North Carolina near Tennessee, Forts, woods, and lake.  

Special costuming/makeup-
     Era clothing, uniforms, blood and gore
     Horses, native American Village, wagons, era weaponry.



Possible Locations
Genre - Based on True Story, Historical Action/Drama
Length - Feature

Logline - After being flogged and having her two teenage daughters raped, Queen Boudica leads her army against the Roman legions in 61 AD Britain, slaughtering 70 thousand. Losing the final battle, Boudica and her daughters take their own lives. Based on the true story of the Boudican Revolt in 61 AD.

Synopsis- Two thousand years ago, the Roman Empire conquered most of Europe by slaughtering and enslaving millions of ancient Celts. In 55BC, Julius Caesar invaded Britain for its wealth in copper and tin. The Britons, or ancient Celts, were made up of many tribes ruled by kings and queens. The Romans created client kingdoms and took half of every tribes wealth and production. When Queen Boudica, of the Iceni tribe, stood up to the Roman oppression, She was flogged and her two young daughters were raped. In 61 AD, Boudica led a revolt through, Camulodunum, Verulamium and what is now London, killing 70 thousand Romans. To avoid capture, she and her two teenage daughters took their lives on the final battlefield.

Boudica's revolt soon led to the building of Hadrian's Wall through the middle of Britain. This, for the first time, ended the expansion of the Roman Empire. Ireland, Scotland and Wales never surrendered to Roman rule. The independent nature of the ancient Celts thrives in these countries even today. This screenplay deals with Boudica as a young teenager and then as an adult, in a world drastically altered by Roman rule. It is a story of how one woman refused to live in an unnatural environment, dominated by such criminal men.

Main Characters Include- Celtic Queen Boudica, her loving husband Prasutagus, Druid Grandmother Mari, Uncle and Warrior Veterik, the teenage daughters Chersia and Canosia, Julian-the evil Roman soldier, Seneca-wicked Roman procreator, and Boudica's warrior friend, Diane.  

     55 BC- 61 AD
Locations -
     Britain 2000 years ago, Southern British shoreline, Iceni Village, Battlefield, Romanized British town, Stonehenge 2000 years ago, Roman Bath House.  

Special costuming/make-up -
     Roman uniforms, Celtic clothing, Druid outfits, Celtic Warpaint, blood and gore.  

Props and special needs -
     Ancient weaponry, horses, chariots.
SFX and Stunts -
     Stonehenge as it would have been in ancient times, high need for stunts.  

Budget -
     Big Budget/ Blockbuster



HERE ARE 8 SHORTS BY: Marlene Sosebee

No More Words
5 pages
Log Line: Bad girl learns her lesson.
Synopsis: A fourteen-year-old girl tells lies to her Mom and slanders her little sister. A gift from her long departed Father (a doll with no mouth) causes her to go mute whenever she tries to lie or say something bad. In a rage the girl becomes permanently mute when her mouth completely disappears.

In The Woods
4 pages
Horror/ Thriller
Log Line: Hikers are pursued by creature.
Synopsis : A group of hikers become lost in the woods. They hear noises by the campfire at night and find strange footsteps in the morning. One by one the hikers begin to disappear until the last is confronted with a giant troll that swallows him whole.

Parallel Universe
4 pages
Log Line: Electrical engineer finds parallel universe when experiment goes awry.
Synopsis: Working with extreme magnetic flux a scientist discovers a duplicate world where all is the same except one thing. That one thing changes each time she tries the experiment until the one thing becomes herself and she no longer exists.

4 pages
Log Line: Ridding home from work on the train a commuter discovers an unknown destination.
Synopsis: On her way home a woman falls asleep on the train. When she awakes she is at the end of the line and the only one left on the train. As she exits the train she is surrounded by love ones she has lost over the years and they take her home. Back in the train the conductor finds the woman dead in her seat.

5 pages
Horror/ Black Comedy
Log Line: Strange aliens take cows to another world to save them from slaughter.
Synopsis: When Farmer John discovers that aliens are behind his missing cows he discovers that the cows are being rescued by the aliens because they are considered sacred life. He also discovers that the aliens prefer to eat humans and he is lunch.

Ghost Ship
4 pages
Log Line: A salvage ship Captain finds a mysterious abandoned ship at sea.
Synopsis: The Captain of a salvage vessel boards an abandoned ship at sea and claims it for salvage. He attaches the salvaged ship to his vessel. When he reports the find on the radio from his wheel house he is told that the ship sank fifty years ago. He goes to look at the ship and it is gone.

I Miss You Mummy
4 pages
Horror/ Black Comedy
Log Line: A museum curator separates a child mummy from its mother with little success.
Synopsis: When a museum receives two new mummies that were buried in the same tomb for three thousand years they try to separate the child mummy from its mother. The small child sarcophagus is found the following morning next to its mother. Thinking that vandals have moved the mummy the curator sets a trap and catches a child wrapped in mummy linen dragging the sarcophagus across the floor. When the vandal is unwrapped a three thousand year old skeleton is found. The child and mother are then left together in the museum.

Opening Credits
End Credits
10 pages
Horror/ Dark Comedy
Log Line: In a futuristic apocalyptic world a lone woman finds companionship with mannequins.
Synopsis: After being alone for twenty years with her mannequins, Judy Darling is rescued by five other survivors that have been hiding in the hills. Overwhelmed by the noisy company Judy poisons the five rescuers and places them in with the rest of her inanimate friends.